A Very Stinky XXXmas (2005)

It's that time of year again.

For nearly a decade, StinkyLulu's been waging a personal War on Christmas via mixtape. Drawing upon the worst, the most surprising and the most inappropriate Christmas music out there, StinkyLulu's annual XXXMas mix aims to remind one and all that deeply misguided holiday recordings are themselves a "Reason for the Season." And just this weekend -- only about 2 weeks too late (a tardiness that itself is now truly part of the tradition) -- dozens of CDs of "A Very Stinky XXXMas" (fancy cover design courtesy of MrStinky) hit the postal circuit, on their way to -- ahem -- lucky listeners nationwide.

But if you just can't wait for your postal personnel, StinkyLu's gone ahead and published "A Very Stinky XXXMas" as an iMix on iTunes
-- or at least a partial version, anyway. (No Faye McKay, RuPaul or Wing for that iTunes... reserving some pleasures exclusively for StinkyLulu's loyal listeners.)

So -- Be Naughty. Be Nice. And Be Merry Merry.

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