Anne Bancroft: A BM Tribute

StinkyLulu was greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Anne Bancroft, legendarily funny dramatic actress of stage and screen. Which got StinkyLu immediately to thinking: How can this blog give a shout out to those folks worth honoring on the occasion of their big exeunt? Don't wanna get all impassioned and righteous like with Ossie Davis testimonial on February 4th. Don't wanna praise the really obvious things. So...

How 'bout honoring one of Anne Bancroft's BMs?

One of her bad movies? A worthy but underappreciated BM? Like Stinkylulu's Favorite Anne Bancroft BM? It can be a new tradition -- honoring the BMs of dead celebrities!

So, StinkyLulu honors the memory of Anne Bancroft with this appreciation of her brilliant, scenery-chewing performance as the fauxminist senator in the excruciatingly good G.I. Jane. It's a sweaty, silly & all-too-serious picture with really surprising performances by Demi Moore, Viggo Mortenson, and the incredible Anne Bancroft. The smackdown in the limo is a scene rivaled only by the piazza slapfight in The Turning Point (a close second in Lulu's favorite list of Anne Bancroft's BMs). If you haven't seen these brilliant Bancroft BMs, do yourself the favor.

Blessings, Miss Bancroft. Thanks.

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criticlasm said...

I was glad to hear they were dimming the lights on B'way for her tonight. She was such and incredible energy. Thanks for that recognition. We were lucky to have had her.